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What You Focus On Expands
Posted Dec 18, 2017

Our company, Keller Williams, has a coaching and mentor program that teaches how positive thinking can and will create positive results in one’s life and business.

A BOLD law that continues to be proven true is, “What we focus on expands”.

Even before BOLD classes began, positive thinking was marketed by “The Laws of Attraction” inspired by “Truth”, rooted by the original standard and law of “Faith”.

The ability to attract things, situations and experiences into our lives by whatever we focus on is “the law of attraction”. For example, if you go to work everyday with thoughts like “this deal is never going to go through”, or “I don’t want to be here”, you are most likely not going to attract good business to not only yourself but your company as well.

Words have power, therefore, it is wise to keep a bridle on the tongue when seeking a positive turn around in ones personal and professional life.

So how does one begin to change their mannerisms to positive thinking to attract good things within their lives?

First, be intentional. Everyone will make mistakes and get caught up in exhaustion and old habits, but if you truly want change in your life for the better, you must be intentional about how you think.

The next time a negative thought enters your mind, manually decide to change it. When old thoughts run through your mind such as “this will never work”, try intentionally changing that thought into, “even though this may seem impossible, I know I can make it happen because where there is a will there is a way.”

Even feeling negative about someone can cause things to go wrong within your day, so the next time you think, “I do not like this person”, try intentionally changing that thought to, “I have no right to judge this person and I surely do not wish to attract judgement upon me, so I am going to do the right thing”.

Refuse to allow negative thoughts to enter your mind or flow from your mouth so that you can have good things follow you all of your days.

Love your neighbor, be intentional and always remember that what you focus on expands so attract positive results by practicing positive thinking and speaking because words have power and that power can work for you, not against you, when you choose to be intentionally positive.