The honest truth about Branson MO

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The Honest Truth About Branson, MO


Busy summers, festive winters, exciting springs and beautiful autumns. Every season has something exciting to do whether you are visiting or residing in Branson, MO.

For visitors, they see the highly trafficked Country Music Blvd. Hwy 76, solicited with bright signs and lights from attractions, shows and restaurants everywhere you turn. If you’re a resident, you’re probably fighting the traffic just to get to work in time.

For a local resident, Branson is their safe place to grow up, raise a family and retire. Overall, the crime is low and quickly extinguished by the honorable Branson Police Department. No town is one hundred percent exempt from violence and crime but for the most part, the Branson area is one of the safest little big towns around.

“We get a lot of people moving from California to Branson in search of not only lower land and property sales, but also a safer environment with a friendly folk attitude,” a local resident states.

A prior California resident interviewed by one of our Crispin Team members reports, “We bought a home in Branson after we visited the area and fell in love with how friendly the residents were. Every store we walked into we were greeted with smiles and ‘how are you doing todays’. We noticed people we didn’t even know, waving a kind gesture at us in traffic as if they knew who we were, just to say hello and acknowledge a person passing by.”

It may seem that what you hear about Branson is too good to be true, but we are here to tell you, it’s not. The community has a strong mission to keep the area what it has always been, a kind welcoming place where you can come visit, live and grow with some of the wonderful people in the world.

No matter where you are or where you come from, there is something for everyone in Branson, MO. Come see what we are doing, stay a while and then call the Crispin Team at Keller Williams Tri-Lakes at 417-335-3109 when you are ready to find the home you’ve been looking for.