Are you prepared for the unknown?

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Hurricanes such as Katrina and Harvey alongside Midwestern tornados have left an incredible number of people out of supplies, safety, electricity and other life necessities. Though it may be considered impossible to be prepared for this, what if it wasn’t?

The real question we need to ask ourselves is, “How can we prepare to become self-sufficent and safe from future possible catastrophes?”

First, I highly suggest buying a home that already has a storm shelter, or one that has enough space for a saferoom to be built inside of your home or outside, underground, on the property.

Stock your storm shelter with important papers, such as documents, wills, deeds and birth certificates. Keep a supply of fresh water and shelf stable food large enough to meet the needs of everyone in your household for up to 4-6 weeks (in case of debris entrapment or low local supply). Some may not want to think of it, but keep a bucket and toiletries handy for restroom use.

Store a hand crank radio that doesn’t require batteries or electricity. Don’t forget blankets, even possibly battery operated fans and batteries to give some comfort in an uncomfortable situation. Storing a few games to keep children entertained is also a wise addition to the list.

What about the belongings you cannot fit into your storm shelter but still wish to save from damage? 

The answer survivors have provided us with is plastic bin tubs. If you are preparing for a flood or hurricane, place your other perishable items in plastic tubs, closed tightly, then wrap them in industrial sized saran wrap. This way your things may float without water damage. 

In the end, things are just things, and people matter most. Prepare not only for your own survival in times like these but also prepare for the needs of those you love and hold most dear.

We do not need to fear the future weather catastrophes, but we can prepare for them.


Crispin Team Keller Williams Realty